Essay and Dissertation
University students know very well how tiring both dissertations, and essays are. If you’re a university student too, you might have suffered this. But there is an obvious difference between a dissertation and an essay. Before you write an essay or a dissertation, please look into their differences. This article will discuss the major difference between both writings. But before that, let’s define them.

A dissertation is an extended version of a subject under study. It is a relatively long document that takes months to complete. Dissertations add more value to the existing knowledge. A student writes a dissertation on his own. But you can also buy the best dissertation online.

On the other hand, an essay is a short piece of writing on a subject. Your teacher or professor may assign you the writing of an essay on a particular subject. An essay doesn’t add anything to the existing knowledge. In fact, it manages discussion on the present knowledge.

Key Differences

From our discussion to this point, you might have noticed some differences between a dissertation, and an essay. Now I will discuss the key differences between them. A brief description of the differences is as follows;


The first difference is in the purpose of the study. The purpose of an essay is to inform others on a particular subject. An essay has many types, and the purpose of each essay type is different. But the main purpose of an essay is to present your thoughts to people with some supporting shreds of evidence. All information will fall into one of the categories of an essay.

In the meantime, the purpose of a dissertation is to add something new to a particular field. The student carries research on the topic, which has not been researched before. One other purpose of the dissertation is introducing an entirely new thought to the existing knowledge. The best thing here is that you can buy the best dissertation online in today’s world.


There also exists a huge difference in the audience of both writings. The audience of an essay is limited to a small number of people. Teachers, professors, and students are the audience of an essay. No one else will read your essays no matter how well you write them. There are some ways using which you can maximise your audience. You can publish your essay within a newspaper, or journal. Sometimes, your essay can end up in the compilation of essays on a particular topic as well.

In contrast, the audience of a dissertation is huge. You can imagine its size from the fact that most students now buy the best dissertation online. Every student, and every scholar, is the audience of a dissertation. Therefore, it’s much bigger in the context of audience as compared to an essay.


Requirements are probably the biggest difference between an essay and a dissertation. The requirements of essays differ depending on the type of essays. In some essays, you present your personal views like in narrative essays. There are also essays where you can’t give your personal opinion on the subject, like in expository essays. In short, an essay’s requirements are different from those of a dissertation.

At the same time, a dissertation comes with a long list of requirements. A dissertation is not a document just to clear your doctorate. It would help if you critically analysed all the findings and aspects of your study. Hence, the main requirement is to give your original thoughts in the dissertation. If you think you can’t do this, you can buy the best dissertation online.


Complexity is one of the major factor for concern in both essays and dissertations. The complexity level of an essay is low due to its audience. The writer writes the essay in his/her own words and doesn’t use fancy words to impress the audience. By the way, you should avoid using fancy words in essays as it will negatively impact your reader. Thus, the complexity level of an essay is kept low deliberately.

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On the other hand, dissertations are much more complex. The data you gather will give you a nightmare when you try to analyse it. Most of the time, students can’t deal with this much complexity. So they can buy the best dissertation online.


The differences, as mentioned earlier, are only the major ones. There exist dozens of other differences between an essay and a dissertation. If you want to know more, you can look for them on the internet.