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Learning of students should be assessed in order to know the performance and current position of students in class. For this purpose, new assessment is designed to determine the learning of students and what their knowledge can help them to achieve goals by getting dissertation help from suitable service providers. These assessments will require students to perform by demonstration, constructing, explaining or writing an experiment or project. These assessments are also known as performance based tests.

Teachers used to evaluate the performance of students by assigning them different tasks such as assignment, essays, projects and portfolio. Teachers can also use the performance based events and items to evaluate performance of students. These performance based events is based on the activities, tasks and questions that require students to perform. Performance can also be assessed through presentations and demonstrations.

Performance based events also involve students in order to explain how they would solve a problem or answer a question by explaining and drawing a diagram, performing an experiments and writing a few sentences on paragraphs. This task might be given fifteen to thirty minutes to students so that they can think about the answers and write them down in their own. It will help teachers to know their understanding regarding subject.

Experiments or projects are the extended tasks to assess performance. It may take several weeks or days to complete them. Students consider options, generate problems demonstrate and propose their solutions. Frequently, students work in groups for a particular project completion in order to consider ways and analyse options in order to present their conclusions and thinking. Performance of students can be assessed through assigning them task in a group. It will help to evaluate the performance of each student. The performance of individual student can be assessed through asking questions regarding the group task.

Students’performance can be evaluated through the application of classroom assessment techniques. These assessment techniques can be used by instructors to gauge students’ conception. This technique is applied to assess the understanding of the student regarding material in the course. Students can be asked the questions such as how much they are familiar with events, places in history and names that is the requirement to understand the readings and lectures. How students are using their knowledge and classroom learning in their practical life.

Students can also ask from teachers that how many steps they are familiar with to go through in problem solving. Moreover the most used method that is used in each level of education, is conducting exam in order to judge the performance and their knowledge regarding discipline.

Assignments, projects and essay writings, mostly used to evaluate the performance of individual students. The good assignment is perceived to be written by a high performer student. In addition, their current position can be evaluated through conducting quizzes in the classroom. A good performer will get high marks while others will not. Students can be assessed by asking them questions regarding daily lectures. Students picking power can be evaluated in the classroom by an instructor as they can ask to revise the lecture they had just finished.

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