What is a critical review?

A critical review is an inclusive explanation and evaluation of the ideas and methods of a piece of writing. The word “review “means thinking evidently and watchfully about the material in the literature. In a critical review, we can considerate both the powerful points and weak points of work. Writing a critical review is consisted of two skills, seeking information and reviewing effectively. Seeking information is related to the central point and the purpose of the text. Reviewing is related to the variety of sources that are used in the literature. The content of the critical review is based on the introduction, summary, critique, and conclusion. Contact with Essay Writing Services to get more information about writing a critical review.

Critical Literature Review Structure

Having a patent understanding of the review structure is most imperative. Without proper information about ideas and method, a critic cannot evaluate the piece of writing. Critical literature review structure is based on important components such as introduction, main body and conclusion. If you are talented to pick the main points in these sections then you will able to criticize the literature. You can characterize a proper and perfect structure in two methods, thematic literature review and chronological literature review. The thematically literature review explains many sources by their concepts and topics. It is the form of organization on specific rules. The chronological literature review is the method of publishing the data. It is based on historical aspects. Look down in order to write and evaluate a perfect piece of writing.


An opening clause of the introduction should be a logical transition to the review. Provide clear and understandable information about the topic. Define the author’s motives to criticize and reread a piece of work. You should clarify the method in which you have organized literature data. The introduction is a short transition of the whole work and an idea about what you are going to explain. Clear your point of view and establish your reasons for reviewing the literature.

Main Body: 

It is a standard literature review. This part will show the list of sources that you have collected and organized in order to review critically the piece of literature. In chronological order, you can explain your sources. You should criticize how the main paragraphs are inter-linked and well-defined. You should evaluate the main themes in the piece of literature. Present a general view and then focus on specific ideas.


Summing up the whole discussion is the most intimidating mission. It should summaries the important aspects of literature. Explain the current state and identify the flaws of knowledge. Provide a clear explanation of your knowledge as well as the author’s knowledge. 

Difference Between Critical Review And Literature Review

Critical review: 

A critical review follows a specific format. It is the explanation of the main ideas and thoughts in the book or article. It is your own evaluation of the piece of literature. In the critical review, you don’t accept the statement without a question. You will discuss how the author’s argument is effective. In a critical review, you will read the book carefully and then you will explain its weak as well as good points. The critical review is based on a specific structure which follows specific rules in order to criticize it.

Literature review: 

In the literature review, you will define the author’s own ideas. A literature review is a sort of critical review in which we will analyze many sources and materials. You will clarify the main purpose of your evaluation of this piece of literature. The literature review will give worth points to the piece of writing. You can compare and contrast many powerful points in order to write a literature review.

 A literature review is the collection of many resources in order to prove your own point of view. For example, if you think that a piece of literature is not true of worthy then you will collect some rules to prove your own point of view. On the other hand, a critical review is a technical analysis of the work that is based on many opinions. 

Critical Literature Review Outline

A person is not able to write the characteristics of an animal until he learns about it. He will not able to draw it before he sees it and knows about its look. The same rule is true for writing a critical literature review outline. The outline is a first and daunting task in the critical review. An outline of a critical literature review is an update of current research about a specific issue.

Use evidence: 

In the critical literature review outline, you should use evidence in order to give strength to your available sources. You should be selective and don’t limit your research. Collect important and powerful points for your outline.

Views of different writers: 

In the outline section, you can compare and contrast the view of different writers. Organize all resources to show the trend of work. You can use a different quotation in order to give strength to your point of view. Keep in mind the summary of your work and write down related to the topic.

Explain your own ideas: 

A critical literature review outline can be written in your own ideas. You can criticize the materials of the book or article, but you should explain your own ideas in order to prove your point of view. Add references to many other sources about your topic. Explain and define your original thinking.


Organize the main points in a concise manner in order to give refreshment to your readers. You should explain all the points and resources that are not explained in the literature. You should improve the quality of writing in a pithy and concise manner.

Critical Literature Review Purpose

The purpose of critical literature is to achieve an understanding of previous knowledge. Most people think that critical review is based on criticism. They think that criticism highlights the dark and laughable aspects of the piece of writing. However, the main purpose of the critical review is to give respect to the work. It explains the importance of work and in particular the area of study. A critical literature review is helpful and useful to build your own knowledge in your field. If you are a student of literature and you are evaluating the piece of work then you will be able to write a book. After reviewing a book, you can write a powerful article. You will not able to find faults in the work; indeed, you can improve the piece of writing. The main purposes of the critical literature review are given below:

  • Expand The Foundation Of Knowledge
  • Provide Scholarship And Give Credit To The Researchers
  • Reading The Conflicts In Current Studies And Previous Studies
  • Identify The Ear Of Study
  • Explain The Current Need Of Criticism
  • Show The Relationship Of Content With Work
  • Your Own Research With Study And Examples

How To Write A Scientific Critical Literature Review

A scientific literature review is a critical account of the published work. It is a standard assignment and an introduction of the report as well as a thesis. A scientific literature review is part of research or grant proposals. Writing a scientific literature review will improve your knowledge and will give you new sights about the topic. It will show your abilities in criticizing a piece of literature. Let’s discuss how o write a scientific critical literature review:

Be precise: In writing a scientific literature review, you should adopt the epigrammatic and pithy style. You should utilize concrete and simple language. You can define two dissimilar things by using similes as well as metaphor. The using of bullets and status will be helpful for you in order to gain good grades. Avoid ambiguity and rough words. You should exercise the passive voice and avoid sweeping statements. Don’t limit your research related to your topic. Show your skills and look critical to the objective things.

Be clear and objective: Objectivity is a good dexterity that you should follow in writing a critical literature review. Clear all your points with examples and concepts. Don’t include messy and bumpy words in your research. You should follow sentence structure and grammar in your review. Exclude everything that is redundant and unimportance. Write authoritative words and recheck your review before the concluding capitulation. For writing a superior scientific critical literature review follows four essential points.

  • Problem formulation
  • Literature research
  • Critical analysis
  • Evaluation

Importance Of Critical Literature Review

The critical literature review is most important, because, it gives a complete explanation about a specific topic and expands our knowledge. It gives the ability to moderator the originality of the work. Every student of literature must be the support of the critical reviews. The critical review is the best method to polish the drawback of any author. When you compare and contrast the critical reviews of many writers then it helps you to avoid incidental plagiarism. It increases your research spotlight and the method of assessment.

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