Term paper explains an event, argue and concept. It is a detailed and original work written about a particular topic. Writing a term paper requires comprehensive knowledge and writing skills. This article contains all the information that you need to write a term paper including the format, outline, structure and writing tips for a term paper.

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Term Paper

Term paper explains an event, argue and concept. It is a detailed and original work written about a particular topic. It often consists of semesters and length of pages. According to Wikipedia, term paper is a major research paper in college or university which shows the ability of a student in a term. 

Term Paper Word Count

Although it is a lengthy paper, it has a word limit. Word count represents students’ ability and skill in a given time. You should set a word limit in order to complete your work in a given time. Term paper limit should be 6,000 to 8,000.

Word count includes all the headings, quotations, lists and tables. References, appendices are not included in the word count. Most students do not know how to divide chapters of a term paper. You should write an abstract chapter with 125-155 words. Introduction pages should be 3 -5 paragraphs. You should write effective words in the introduction chapter.

The structure of the term paper

The structure of the term paper should be very clear and effective. You should write the result and discussion in short words. You should choose Times New Roman font. In the word count policy, you should keep in mind some points that a given below:
  1. The title is all about basic information in the term
  2. The abstract is the investigation of aim as well as to object
  3. The introduction is related to your paper
  4. The method is the explanation of your paper description
  5. Results are the sum up of whole term paper

Term Paper Writing And Seminar

A seminar paper is realistic research that refers to thesis, peers and academic setting. In simple words, it is an accumulation of a university course. The seminar has a specific purpose and an important part of your term paper. Here are some instructions that you should follow before writing a seminar paper.

  • Keep in mind the basic features of seminar papers, because, a seminar paper can share many features in one term paper. State your argument and contribute your original piece of work. You should support your argument.
  • You should deliver clarification of your term paper. Present your current as well as past assignment and clear your document style. You should adopt APA, MLA style in your seminar writing.
  • You should make a plan in order to write an excellent paper. You can break down a seminar into many divisions. Make a writing schedule. Work many days writing a seminar and don’t try to finish it early.
  • Develop ideas for your term paper. Make a list of ideas and divide them into groups. You should try writing early. Adopt free writing practice in order to write early. Divide your seminar into interrogative section such as whom, what and why.
  • Examine your sources in order to judge your paper credibility. Write your publication credibility. Select author credentials. Use different quotations.

Term Paper Guidelines

  1. Choose your topic very carefully
  2. Research about your topic
  3. Select the term paper outline and try to prepare a simple outline
  4. Generate proposal sample for term paper
  5. Start your term paper
  6. Manage your writing style
  7. Recheck and proofread the final term paper

Term paper format

  • Title page; Title page is most important in your term paper. Title pages should be included name, curse name, date and name of the author.
  • Acknowledgement; In the acknowledgement section, describe your topic and write subject. Write your research and add additional information. You should provide relevant information in the acknowledgement chapter.
  • Write your statement; In the statement, the section gives complete detail about your question. The statement is a brief overview of the paper.
  • Literature review; In this section, you should explain your research methodologies. Give complete detail about your term paper procedures. Keep in mind the word limit.
  • Results; Write your conclusion and state your statement. Determine your term paper hypotheses are true or not and why they are developed.
  • Recommendations; This chapter is most important, because, it offers your views and future research. You can define your chosen topic.
  • Reference list; You should describe your research in the text. Write your main points in alphabets and required a format. Present all detail in the references list.

How To Write A Term Paper Outline

Writing a term paper outline is not an easy process. Most students do not know how to define and write a term paper outline easily. Here are some instructions that you should follow. You should organize all the main points in your term paper.

Review all information

If you have any doubt about term paper question, then you should think about it deeply. You should collect all the material for writing a term paper outline. Review all the information that you have collected for writing a term paper outline.

Choose a topic

Before writing a term paper outline, you should choose a topic. The topic should be general and related to your main purpose. If you want to write a historical event, then you should choose a history topic. Make sure that you are describing your original goal in term paper outline.

Research Outline

You should research a term paper outline. If you have a library then search for some books to choose a unique topic. You should develop your topic and make a schedule for writing a term paper outline.

Write an introduction

You should write a different topic for separate paragraphs. Write in realistic form and avoid using fact or statement. The sentence should be according to the topic. You should write an effective and informative introduction. The length of the introduction should be 4-5 lines.


The body of the outline should be divided into sub-plots. Provide arguments and examples in the body. You should explain the main argument in the body section.


The conclusion of term paper outline should be thought-provoking. Proofread your outline before the final submission.


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