Data Research for Dissertation
I have enough content for my dissertation, said no one ever. It is always a lot of work to find data and do the research for your dissertation writing. Even the most experienced people of all the times find it so hard to gather enough relevant data to work on their dissertation. Now, we will not get in to the debate of selecting the kind of topic for your dissertation that helps you find data easily because well that is true but we are not going there for the moment. We are going to help you find the best apps to gather data for any kind of subject at all that you have chosen for your dissertation. Difficult or easy, dissertation writing requires tons of written work and endless tasks. Most of the times your work is all over the place and you try hard but you fail most times to keep the data and all of your findings organized. First of all, if you are writing a dissertation, before gathering or starting to gather data, just take a deep break and know that even though this work is difficult, you will get through this.

Now, work towards being more organized since the start to be able to record data in an organized manner so that it can be used. You must work hard to make yourself and surroundings more organized so that when the data is coming, you can keep it sorted and structure your dissertation effectively without missing out on anything important. Moving on to some drastic solutions AKA apps to get maximum data for your dissertation, we know that our smart phone and tablets have a special place in the class. Apart from browsing or going through your newsfeed aimlessly out of habit, phones are great of taking photos of the board before it is erased, to record a lecture to be able to get back to it etc. Phones are especially particularly useful in fetching data during your written work when you have been given a quick task to do or you have to quickly share something from your Google Drive to a friend etc.

There is so denying about the important and special place for technology in the class and how useful having a phone inside the class is. Same is for tablet as it does the same stuff apart from being bulkier than a smart phone. So, why not use your phone to get the best of your research and find better quality data than just roaming around internet ending up with the same kind of content everyone is writing. Because ‘reality check’: everyone prefers Google-ing instead of hitting library of doing some actual work. To make your Data Research useful and to spend productive time during research, and to actually find good quality and relevant data, you can use the following apps:

EasyBib: An automatic citation generator app that has helped people in generating thousands of citations. You know when something is checked by teachers and librarians; it is always valid and verified. This app will give you citation solutions without any hassle and you will not be spending a lot of time citing anything on your own. A must have app for all the students working on their dissertations.

The Academic Papers UK: This is not app but a website where you can get help from professional writers. These writers are available to provide you dissertation writing service that will bring you a best data research solution for your dissertation. However if you don’t want to get help from writers then there are lot of samples available that you can download free of cost.

Pocket (Formerly Read it Later): How frustrating it is to have saved something really useful or something useful that you forgot to save in your phone and then you can’t find it anymore. More frustrating is when you already were finding it hard to fetch relevant data. Now, through Pocket, you can save anything from your favorite social media websites and it will auto sync in all of your devices and will be saved to accessed online. So when you have free time or when it is time to get back to it, go to your nearest device and get reading!

Notability: This app enables you to take notes on the go. The app is available on iTunes and works wonders on 3d touch on iPhone 6. This app has many great features such as note taking on the go in your own handwriting, watch lectures and read documents. Mark them and highlight important parts of your work and enjoy a very organized note taking experience. No need to keep note pads and no fear of not having anything nearby to write on. Get this app for an easy research experience.

The Congressional Record: An app giving your fresh news from the daily happenings at the congress. If you have a related subject for your dissertation, you will get latest updates daily on the happenings. Go for the daily digest to keep up to date of the things and events taking place every day.

iAnnotate PDF: This app claims to be the best app for marking in the notes and slides and for collaborative work. The app is award winning for its functionality and it is awesome for the use of research and saving the content right away or to save just some small portions of the data which is most useful.

Article Search: Reach for a variety of academic publications on science, politics, technology and everything you can think of with valid information. Get this app for getting a lot of content on your required subject and save and share on the go. No need to run around for data and sit alert in a library all day long when you can research on the go or from your favorite sofa in the house.

Papers 3 - Academic: Reach a huge database and an entire library on your phone through Papers 3. The app includes millions of pages and knowledge which of course you can safe, use download or share. This app will help you find any sort of data you are looking for.

References MLA: An app for MLA style citations from books, eBooks, journals, Magazine articles, Blog posts, YouTube videos and many other sources download the app and forget everything else!