Discrimination Of Black Women
In modern day America, black women are facing lots of discrimination issues. According to the Census data, there is a huge gap between the pay of the black women and non-Hispanic white men. The non-Hispanic white men are paid almost 40% more than black women. It means that the 19 months payment of black women is equal to the 12 months payment of non-Hispanic white men. This kind of discrimination has fallen down the national income of women. Here, experts of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss the discrimination of black women in modern-day America.

Intersecting injustice: In the US, black women are facing the intersection of racism and sexism. No doubt, racism and sexism are two different forms of discrimination or racism but if a person is facing both of them at a time, the effects of these discriminations will be complicated. These black women are also facing some intersectional discrimination perpetuates. These perpetuate can create some gender wealth gaps. Due to these wealth gaps, black women are not able to get access to the best educational institutions. As a result, they are not able to advance their career opportunities.

Wealth gap: There is also a wealth gap between black women and white women. In 2013, the wealth of the median white women was almost 13 times more than the wealth of the median black women. Due to these wealth gaps, we can observe slavery and redlining of black women. The US government runs some welfare programs for its residents. Due to the lack of power, black women don’t have enough access to these welfare programs. Due to this kind of wealth gap and diminished opportunities, black families don’t have enough resources to devote to career advancement.

Occupational segregation: Black women are also facing some occupational segregation in modern-day America. Its reason is that there are two types of posts in the industries. The first type is known as lower-paying posts like food service and health care assistance etc. The second type is high-paying posts like engineering and managerial posts. In the industries, black women can avail only lower paying jobs only. Due to discrimination, white women are given preference over black women for high-paying jobs. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, in the lower paying full-time jobs, the percentage of black women is greater than any other race.

Education: Nowadays, education is the best way to get success in any field of life. Its reason is that education is considered as the best equalizer. On the basis of the same education, we can’t provide lower income to black women than white women. According to the research of Demos, regardless of education, white women have more wealth than black women. Moreover, black women are also facing lots of barriers because they are not giving equal chances to get admissions in colleges. Moreover, to avail the education loan is also a real challenge for them.