Are Cyber Crimes Set To Increase? Cyber Crime Statistics 2019

Cyber Crime Statistics
Cyber crimes are also known as computer-related crimes. The crimes in which computer and network are involved are known as cyber crimes. The criminals use the computer as commission in the cyber crimes. These cyber crimes are threats for the security and financial health of a nation. The main forms of cyber crimes are hacking, child grooming and copyright infringement etc. These cyber crimes can also create some privacy issues. These cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss the cybercrime statistics 2019.
  • According to McAfee’s Economic Impact of Cyber Crime, cyber crimes are increasing at a very fast rate. The cybercriminals are using new technologies to target the victims. With the introduction of Bitcoin and some other payment transfer methods, these cybercriminals are untraceable. Nowadays, almost 800,000 records are lost on the daily basis due to these cyber crimes.
  • According to the detailed report of Symantec’s Internet Security Threat, lifestyles apps are the main resource to avail important contacts and information from mobile phones. These mobile apps also provide an idea about the mobile location of a particular person. That’s why almost 24,000 malicious mobile apps are deleted on the daily basis.
  • As we know that Microsoft is the most reputable company and the people have a lot of interest in it. Nowadays, cybercriminals are deceiving the people by using these Microsoft Office files. They sent these files to their victims through email and their victims open these files because they have enough trust on Microsoft. According to an annual cybersecurity report of CISCO, in 38% cyber crimes, the cybercriminals used these Microsoft files.
  • Smart Home Attacks are also some essential ways of cyber attacks for the cybercriminals. Its reason is that if the router that you are using is not secured, it means that you have opened your home for cyber attackers. They can easily get access to your personal information. According to the report of Trend Micro, almost 28% Smart Home attacks are committed in the US. On the other hand, China and UK are in the second position. In these countries, 7% Smart Phone attacks are committed by the cybercriminals.
  • The Global Data Risk Report of Varonis is terrifying. According to this report, nowadays, more than 21% files are not protected from the cybercriminals. In these files, there include some credit files, health record files, and some other sensitive files.
  • In 2015, the cost of cyber crimes was $3 trillion. In 2019, the cost of cyber crimes has become $5 trillion. It is estimated that the cost of these cyber crimes will exceed from $6 trillion till 2021. It is also estimated that cyber crimes have become more profitable than any other illegal activities.
  • According to a report, lots of people receive phishing emails and only 8% of people open these phishing emails.

In 2019, it is expected that 300 billion passwords of different accounts will open and these passwords will become a cause of potential threat all around the world.

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