Plagiarism can take many forms and it can be done in a variety of ways too. It can be taking someone else's words from another source and presenting them as your own, or it can be taking someone else's ideas and presenting them as your own without giving the due credit to the actual author. It is necessary to know that plagiarism is considered an academic offence and at university level it is taken very seriously and students have even been expelled from their academic institutes just because they plagiarized their papers.

At this level, the punishment for plagiarism includes receiving a failing grade on the plagiarized assignment to expulsion from the academic institution depending on the level of offence students have committed. Students need to remember that they can face a number of problems if they submit a paper that contains copied content to their teacher and it will not make things easy for them in their career too.

In most of the cases, students end up plagiarizing their papers just because they do not have the time or the abilities to work on their dissertation and they try to come up with the best thoughts and ideas by taking someone else’ work and presenting it as their own. There are some students who end up doing it unintentionally while some do it on purpose but the result is the same. While at lower levels, the teachers might only grade them minimal or reject the paper, at higher levels things could be a bit bad for them if students are caught with a plagiarized paper.

Not only this, but the author whose work they have copied or used as their own without giving due credit can sue them in federal court for copyright violation and this can cause big trouble for them in the long run as court cases and penalties can be very hard for them to handle.

All this can have a bad effect on not only their dissertation but career too. Their dissertation will be rejected by the teacher or they will not be able to secure better grades in class or get their degree with distinction as you need it.  this, in turn, will affect you career too as when you move out in the professional world and present your degree or your report to the potential employers, it will raise questions about your performance in college or university and you might be compelled to tell them reasons for lack of good remarks and results. It will not only be embarrassing but it will also cause problems because not only employer might be ready to take on board such a person who has been found plagiarizing and has been marked for it too.

It can all be a big and bad situation when you are caught for plagiarizing as this is something that teachers and employers do not look upon favorably. Using the hard work and efforts done by someone else without giving due credit is just not the right way and can affect your dissertation writing and careers really badly.